Ilaria e Marco

We Ilaria and Marco, we have 34 and 33 years and we have left the city to move the hills of Bologna in a house of medieval origins in rock, which gradually bring them to light and that we are restructuring gradually with our hands. The house is set in 2.5 hectares of land mostly cultivated with walnut trees, with some fruit trees and a vegetable garden that we are putting into production. We host some beehives and soon we hope to learn how to make honey, which for now is produced by others, but that guests can enjoy at breakfast. Ilaria takes care of the, experiencing various natural farming methods and delights in the preparation of cosmetics for the body and natural soaps. Marco is the "project manager" of restoration and reset of the house and several furniture that guests will find at their disposal were built by him. We want to offer the opportunity to those who want a casual and relaxing stay and share the pleasures of unspoiled hills surrounding us.